Monday, 30 April 2007

When I grow up (and I am still growing )

When I grow up says a little girl I want to be the next Britney

When I grow up says a little boy I want to play for Chelsea

When I grow up said I as a little girl I want to be married by twenty.

Years have gone by and I still have a lot of growing up to do. Just when I think Ive cracked it God shows me another area where I need to grow up. Right now I may want to conquer the publishing world and make an impact too irreversible to deny, minister to the world through my writing and maybe song.... but first let me learn to pray more regularly, fast more regularly, care about others more than I do myself, learn not bear a grudge, learn to be the first to say sorry, exalt God's will in my life more than what I want to do, deal with the unruly desires swirling around in my head like a troubled sea and walk in Gods perfect peace that passes all understanding.

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