Monday, 7 December 2009

I have a dream

Im back again after an absence of over a year. Its been a busy year - what with going back to Uni, working on some writing projects and writing a dissertation - but its been fun.

There have been a lot of good changes - and I am truly thankful to God.

I graduated last week and it was a good feeling sitting there with my fellow graduands, watching them smile and laugh.

As a writer I did ponder about what the future holds for us. How many of us will get the jobs of our dreams many of us will get jobs ...period. Meanwhile I work but I plan ahead for I really dream doing which is writing.

I dream all the time - day dream I mean and its really beneficial for a writer. I can sit and type away at work and plan a chapter in my head - characterisation, plot, voice etc.

I can be on the tube sandwhiched between someones armpit and another resting his bony hands on my head and think about a little cottage in the countryside with a roaring fire and a PC and myself tappping away outside. Occasionally I let myself imagine a tall hunk outside with playing children .... but enough of that for now.

I had a dream when I was a kid - that I would write and its taken many years of deviating into different things, of working at a selection of different jobs with differing amounts of job satisfaction before I finally got a foot on the first rung of the writers ladder to success. I have won a couple of competitions, people want me to write for them and do readings and I can finally see that dream taking shape.

I see a cloud like a mans hand like Gehazi, I see men like trees ..... and in order to write very well I need to tap into my five senses and write what I see but dont see, hear but dont hear, smell but dont smell and out of my own world - project the dream I see so that others can dream along with me.

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